chocolate sphere

Filled chocolate sphere with Gianduja and Gold leaf

She took her name Gianduja from a Carnival  and marionette character who represents the archetypal Piedmontese a native of the Italian region where hazelnut confectionery is common.Is a sweet chocolate spread containing about 30% hazelnut paste invented in Turin during Napoleon s regency when Mediterranean was under blockade by the British

250 g hazelnut

100g milk chocolate

200g icing sugar

40g cocoa butter

Roast the hazelnuts for about 6-7 minutes in oven at 150c.Roll them together to remove the skins.In a blender add the skinned nuts and blend until you have a very fine powder.Add in the butter and the icing sugar and blend thoroughly. Melt the chocolate in Bain Marie and add the hazelnut mix and mix it thoroughly.You can keep it in the fridge for several weeks