• Green Apple with Liquid Caramel
  • Milk and Snow
  • ORANGE Creamsicle with Vanilla
  • CHICKEN Whole Roasted with Corn, Wheat Berries, and Chanterelles
  • Banoffee
  • Pavlova with Cherries

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What our customers are saying about us!

it was an unforgettable dinner experience by the chef Christofer. I would do that again and again!!Roberta from U.S.A

My husband and I had 1 day/night in Corfu Greece and we experienced night time dinner. This was awesome! Met some great new friends, and we ordered classic Chicken Coq au Vin.Dinner was 5* above our expectations. we are so pleased that the meal was just perfect and the carrot dessert … unforgettable
Highly recommend (at least he is no1 in Corfu)

Dinner was perfect. 2 of our friends were celebrating their birthday, so they played Stevie Wonder’s happy birthday song and everybody sang to them. We had the time of our lives. Just do it! Thank you chef Christofer

Different experience. It was very tasty, very funny and very very uniquely

I had the best experience in my entire life!!! I would do it again ten times

Highly recommended . Everyone should try Chef Christofer´s desserts…. unforgettable!!