My name is Christoforos Koskinas and i work as private chef for villas.When i finished my studies in the school of tourism i started my professional career in the greater Hotel chain in Greece ,Grecotel in Dafnilla Bay Hotel in Corfu and Corfu Imperial.
I started as a second cook in cold kitchen where there i realized how exciting was to delve into fruits and vegetables to create a gala buffet and i realized that to make sculptures from butter and ice have to be very focus on what you do and your hands must be stable.
You must use your imagination and you must have plenty of available time to create.Endless hours over a sculpture and the compensation is the applause from the customers and the flashes of many photo cameras. There is no greater compensation than the pleasure of offering pleasure with your own hands.
I had the honor at the start of my professional career to work next to acclaimed chefs who gave me the motivation to enrich my professional level.
In a short period of time they gave me the position of chef for the cold kitchen. After that i had the opportunity to travel abroad and work to King Louis hotel at the Steingenberger chain in Germany.A luxury 5 stars hotel where there i enrich my knowledge with new methods and techniques. I had also the opportunity to travel to other countries such as France, Spain and Canary Islands where i met new ingredients and different cooking cultures. At the same time i had the opportunity to attend seminars which had bakery,pastry,cold and main kitchen and Haccp as a theme.
When i came back to Greece i worked in Grand Bretagne hotel in Athens and Intercontinental hotel.This was followed by collaborations with Regency hotel in Corfu and Acharavi beach hotel as well as with restaurants in Corfu.
But it was the time that the gastronomy world changed. So i needed to enrich my knowledge with new methods such as molecular gastronomy. So i had the opportunity to see new ingredients and create my new plates.
Very soon i had the curiosity to get to know also the Asian cuisine. Different techniques, new ingredients, rich in flavors and so different culture with a strong faith in customs and tradition. Noodles, stir fries cooked with Japanese, Chinese or Thai style and of course Sushi.
Naturally a perfect dinner should end with the sweetest way…. Desserts. So i started to make classic desserts presenting them with a very modern way.
I am available to discuss and create a special dinner for you and your guests combining many and different tastes of the cuisines of the world.