Italian Focaccia

Italian Focaccia. A bread that is known and liked all over the world. Focaccia is a flat bread, Italian bread baked in the oven, which is very similar in texture and style to Pizza. The first confirmation of the word focaccia appears in 1300. In Ancient Rome, called panis focacius was a flat bread baked in a hearth. The word comes from the Latin hearth “hearth, place of baking“. The basic recipe is believed to have originated from the Etruscans, but today it is widely associated with Ligurian cuisine.
I love good focaccia. Great dough a little thicker than pizza dough, olive oil, rosemary and salt.
The flavors combine beautifully with each other and it is one of my favorite things that I eat as an appetizer or alone and of course everyone likes it.
Wanting to make a Focaccia after many attempts in the past, some with success and others without the right result, I thought of experimenting a bit not with the appearance, not with the baking but mainly with the process.
Usually when I was making a focaccia, I just kneaded the dough, left it to r
est for 1 hour and baked it.
The result is usually mediocre but tasty.
I thought that in focaccia we add dried tomatoes, salt and rosemary, without thinking that we can work other variations.
So I made this focaccia, without dried tomatoes and rosemary, but I replaced them with onions and basil.
I replaced the flour for all uses with type 00 flour. I removed the bench mixer and the dough was made by hand.
Baking time reduced by 15 ‘
The big difference was in the rest times.
Kneading and 1 hour rest, light kneading and 1 hour rest, kneading and 1 hour rest.
A total of 3 hours of rest from 1 hour that I was used to.
The result is extremely amazing.
A much more fluffy focaccia emerged and the most important thing is that after 3-4 days it is still quite fluffy.
There is also the theory that 4 hours of rest are needed, which I will try in the near future