100g of Isomalt sugar
Drops of beetroot juice


2 pairs of disposable gloves
A bubble along with the tube from a blood pressure monitor
Metal tube of length 14-15cm
Oven or lamps that produce heat
Silicone surface


In a saucepan we put the Isomalt to melt along with the drops of beetroot juice. Follow the same procedure as with simple sugar to make candy. Continue with a spatula. Let the lamps or the oven to 70 ° c. When melted the sugar is spread over a silicone surface. We just wait for the temperature to drop and the sugar is low enough to catch it. We put the 2 pairs of gloves. Put the sugar under the lamps and when it is softened we start to we work We take the sugar with both hands and open it. The sugar gets elastic and it does not break but it is not cut.  WE NEVER WORK THE ISOMALT AS DOUGH! We open them lengthwise and then stick the two edges together. As we open it gets a shiny, glossy red color.We will open it several times until we see uniformity in color and concentration.When bring the sugar at this point, then we make a ball of a size slightly larger than apricot.With our finger press it a bit to form a small hole We put the metal tube in the hole in the ball and close it, push the ball around it to fit it well. If we do not do this, the air coming in will leave us. So we close the tube is airtight in the ball. As long as the ball is still warm, we push the bubble from the tube to inflate the ball. We want the air to go the same way throughout the ball and not in some places, otherwise it will get a ugly shape. We do this by rotating the ball as the craftsmen rotate the blown glass while they are inflating. . When we create a perfect ball and always under the lamps, we push the ball a little to get a oval shape and pull it a little with our hand to create the realm of the recipe. Let cool. We keep a knife on the throttle and quickly make a hole at the bottom of the sphere. Keep it in a cool place in airtight packaging


100g of black sugar
50g of flour
45g of cocoa
50g butter frozen
Sift the flour with the cocoa into a bowl. Add the sugar and butter to the cubes. Put the hands together to incorporate the ingredients well, without melting the butter. Leave in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Heat the oven to 170 ° C. Remove the crumble from the fridge and rub it with our hands in small olive-sized balls on a paper roll. We cook for 12-15 ‘or until it gets a dark brown color. Let cool


250g of beetroot
50g sugar
100g of cream
3 g of gelatin
In a saucepan, boil the sugar with water. Add the beetroot and let it boil over low heat.
When the beetroot is cooked, it is ground in the blender and passed through a fine sieve by pressing it with a spatula. Stir the gelatin in a little cold water. Season the beetroot puree and when the gelatin is softened, squeeze it and add it to the mash. cream 1 liter chiller and charge it with 3 ampoules of N2O. Let’s refrigerate for 2 hours


We take the crumble and on top of a plate rub a few pellets to create soil.We take from the refrigerator the ball and the chiffon.Shake welll the chiffon and fill the ball from the entrance we created.We put the ball with the hole on the soil Decorate thin slices of raw beetle.